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Caltech has a residential experience program for both undergraduate and graduate students.  The Office of Residential Experience is staffed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Residential Experience, 5 Residential Life Coordinators and 24 Resident Associates.

The Office of the Residential Experience, including Student Activities and Programs, work with all of the student government groups to assist in providing robust extra and co-curricular programming.  A positive student experience includes an active, engaging and supportive social life.  Student volunteers are essential to the success and viability of our programs and we lend extensive expertise and assistance to the programs run by the groups.  These programs run from Ditch Day to the Senior trip to routine gatherings around meals and discussions.


Felicia Hunt, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Residential Experience

Residential Life Coordinators

Vanessa Tejada (Avery, Marks & Ricketts)

Erica Crawford (Bechtel)

Steven Metzmaker (North Houses - Lloyd, Page, Ruddock)

Graduate RLC- OPEN (Catalina's, Chester, & Braun)

Kenny Carter (South Houses - Blacker, Dabney, & Fleming)

Resident Associates - Open RA positions are available - APPLY HERE

Avery - Heidi Klumpe and Mark Zhang
Blacker - Daniel Naftalovich
Dabney - Red Lhota
Fleming - Stephen Grant
Lloyd - Daryl Yee
Marks - Zoila Jurado