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Monday 2/28

Caltech Leader Roadmap | For All Student Leaders
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
Welcome to your new role and thank you for your contributions to Caltech. Leaders are always asking "Who do I talk to?!" In this opening session, we will give you the information on who does what in student affairs, where you can go for help, and how to get things done. We will introduce you to the leadership roadmap and offer tips for success. We look forward to meeting you on day one!

Tuesday 3/1

Event Social Guide | For Social Chairs/Teams
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
How to register a successful event and how to utilize the resources available to make sure that the event goes smoothly.

House Funding: Dues & Don'ts | For Presidents & Treasurers
6:00-7:00PM | Zoom Link
This session shall shine the light on the mystery of house funding; answering the questions of where the funding comes from, how it gets to each house, and the changes being implemented Spring 2022.

Practical Pranking | For All Student Leaders
7:00-8:00PM | Zoom Link
Pranking 101: A guide to planning and executing successful pranks.

Wednesday 3/2

Discotech: Caltech Admissions Information | For All Student Leaders
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
Excited to help newly admitted students learn about what Caltech has to offer? Come hear more about Caltech's upcoming Prefrosh experience programming (now known as Discotech) from Jarrid Whitney, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment & Career Services and Ashley Pallie, Director of Undergraduate Admissions!

At All Costs: Understanding House Finances | For Treasurers
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
You were just elected Treasurer of your House. What does that mean, what is expected of you, and what training do you need to be successful in your role? This session will help navigate all you need to know.

Alumni Advice | For All Student Leaders
6:00-7:00PM | Zoom Link
Leadership is not easy – but you are not alone. You have peers, advisors, mentors, and administrators to help you. You also have alumni who have been there and are presenting in this session to walk you through their experiences, what they learned, and what they suggest. Come hear from important alumni leaders and friends, and catch up with some former students who are coming back to help you succeed!

  • Varun Shanker graduated from Caltech in 2021 with a BS in Bioengineering. While at Caltech, Varun was an active member of the community on campus. During his covid-abbreviated collegiate athletic career, Varun helped lift the tennis team from being unranked to a program-high national ranking of 21, and was also a combined 4x All-American with Top 10 national rankings in singles and doubles. Outside of the classroom and tennis court, Varun enjoyed contributing to new discussions on improving student life on campus as well as enhancing outreach to the neighboring communities. He served as ASCIT President, Fleming House Vice-President, and President of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society as well as in an advisory role to the Institute's Board of Trustees. He is now a first-year medical student at Stanford University in the Medical Scientist Training Program pursuing a combined MD-PhD.
  • Kavya Sreedhar is a third-year PhD student in electrical engineering at Stanford, funded by the Knight-Hennessy scholarship. Her research focuses on designing hardware for machine learning and cryptography applications. She graduated from Caltech with bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering and BEM in 2019 and is from Avery House. At Caltech, she served as ARC Chair / ASCIT VP of Academic Affairs (2017-2018), the President of the Caltech Y (2018-2019), a BoC representative, and a student representative on various Faculty Board and university committees. In her free time, Kavya enjoys playing the piano and watching stand-up comedy.

Answering the Call | For All Student Leaders
7:00-8:00PM | Zoom Link
When news hits the community, it is important for everyone to work together to be able to roll out these kinds of communications. This session will cover challenges that need to be considered, the roll-out plan, and your role as a student leader during a potential time of crisis.

Thursday 3/3

Leading the Way: DEI | For DEI Chairs & Allies
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
Caltech's campus climate survey allowed us to learn about the experiences of campus community members. Join us for this session to learn about how we can move forward and how you can be a part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts!

House Stewardship | For House Stewards
12:00-1:00PM | Zoom Link
Are you a new house steward? What does that mean? Who do you work with? The answers are here! In this session, meet the housing staff members you will be working with to make sure that your house continues to look and function at its best.

Equity, Title IX, and the Houses | For All Student Leaders
6:00-7:30PM | Zoom Link
The Equity and Title IX Office will be sharing resources on issues they address, examples of concerns student leaders can report to them for support, and how they address issues and manage confidentiality. The staff will also highlight different workshops they offer and how student leaders can get involved. The new Campus Advocate, Pilar Montenegro, will be introducing her role and talking more about Peace Over Violence resources.

Friday 3/4

Reducing Risk as an Effective Student Leader | For All Student Leaders
POSTPONED - New date/time TBA
Do you want to be effective in your new role as a Student Leader? Do you wonder what could happen if something goes wrong in the house and who's accountable? This session will unpack some traits of effective leadership and discuss scenarios around risks that student leaders take when policies aren't considered.

Ice Cream Social | All Undergrad and Grad Students Welcome!
1:00PM | Olive Walk & Moore Walk (2 Locations)