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To request a club reimbursement, a payment for services, or an advance of club funds please follow the directions below.

  1. Fill out Club Payment Request Form.
  2. Send Club Payment Request form to along with scanned copies of receipts and/or W-9 forms* in the same PDF file.
  3. Please subject your e-mails - "Club Name – Payment Request"
  4. Once payment request is approved, the Student Engagement Coordinator will send you a confirmation e-mail saying that your request has been approved.
  5. Visit the Bursar's office with original receipts** and let cashier know that you've received approval for a payment request.

*W-9 forms are only needed when making payments for a service.
**If your purchase was made online, you do not have to print the receipts out. You only need to bring in the original receipt to the Bursar's office if it was a printed receipt from the vendor.

Club Payment Request Form

Complete this form and submit it to the Bursar's Office to update your club officer information if it should change during the academic year.

Please notify of the changes as well so any club related notifications can be sent to the current club officers.

Bursar Account Form

All clubs must submit a Club Members Roster annually in order to maintain recognition. Please submit a completed members roster by November 30 (every calendar year) to

Club Members Roster

All service providers must be listed in the Caltech payment system by having completed a W-9 form prior to the club requesting payment for their services.


Students are not able to place an AiM request with Facilities with a club or house account number. To request a PTA from the Student Activities and Programs Office, Please fill out this form (Sections 1, 3, and 4) and e-mail it to

Once the form is received, you will receive a response with a PTA to use for your AiM request and make sure to forward the AiM final invoice after your event. The Bursar will transfer the cost on the work order from your club account back to the PTA provided.

PTA Transfer Club Request.pdf