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Staff Information

The Office of Residential Experience is located in the Center for Student Services (CSS) at 414 S Holliston Ave.

Main Office | (626) 395-6321

Felicia Hunt - Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs & Residential Experience

Miranda Huseth - Administrative Assistant to Felicia Hunt & Special Operations

Student Activities and Programs

Tom Mannion - Senior Director of Programs

Kristen Girard - Administrative Assistant

Sue Chiarchiaro - Student Events Coordinator

Residential Life

Residential Life Coordinator (RLC)

Erica Crawford - Senior RLC

Bechtel Residence

Vanessa Tejada - Undergraduate RLC & Program Coordinator for FIR

Ricketts House, Avery House, & Marks House

Kenny Carter - Undergraduate RLC

South Houses: Blacker, Dabney, & Fleming

Isabel Peng - Graduate RLC

Catalina Apartments, Braun House, & Off-Campus Graduate Housing

Faculty in Residence

Antonio Rangel - Bechtel Residence

Laura Doval - Bechtel Residence

Konstantin Batygin - Avery House

Resident Associate (RA)

Chris Balzer - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Reem Abdel-Haq - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Camilla Kjeldbjerg - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Elise Tookmanian - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Thom Bohdanowicz - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Ariana Tribby - Undergraduate RA - Bechtel Residence

Haolu 'Jane' Zhang - Undergraduate RA - Page House

Lilian 'Lily' Dove - Undergraduate RA - Ruddock House

Tyler Fulton - Undergraduate RA - Ruddock House

Stephen Grant - Undergraduate RA - Fleming House

Siobhan MacArdle - Undergraduate RA - Ricketts House

Rebecca Gallivan - Graduate RA - Catalina Apartments

Rui Cheng - Graduate RA - Catalina Apartments

Ali Sina Booeshaghi - Graduate RA - Office Campus Graduate Housing