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All student clubs are required to register for recognition by submitting a club application annually. The Clubs and Organizations Steering Committee (COSC) will review and approve applications and provide recognition annually. Recognition status is valid for one academic year (October 1– September 30), regardless of when an application is approved.
*Review the Club Handbook for more information*

The deadline for submission of annual club applications for the 2019-2020 club term is March 31, 2020.

Anyone interested in forming a club after the deadline will have to submit its application for recognition the following academic year.

Registrations ready to be reviewed are forwarded to the Clubs and Organizations Steering Committee (COSC) the first Monday of the month.

Please plan to submit your registration the week before in case any revisions need to be made prior to review.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the COSC to review your registration. You will receive an e-mail regarding your registration status after a decision has been made.

To be considered "ready for review," please read some of these key tips!

  1. Make sure your advisor submits their advisor registration.
  2. Include specific language in your Club Constitution
      • Membership
          • Make sure to include language that indicates that only currently-enrolled students are eligible members.
          • All currently-enrolled students should be eligible for membership (i.e. membership cannot be specified to people that are in a field of study).
          • Make sure to include the language the indicates the 60/40 ratio.
      • Executive Board
          • Only currently-enrolled students are eligible to become a club officer. Affiliated members, such as staff, faculty, spouses, and JPL staff may not assume officer or other leadership positions.